What You Can Do

[pic from childfund.org]

Hey, reader!
Will you please partner with me?
Will you consider donating to my cause? Everything counts.
I also need sponsors ($33/month).

What's my cause?
My cause is to help kids in third world countries get sponsored, thus providing them with essentials to a better life, including food, water, and education.
 Because of my partnership with ChildFund, they have assisted me in having the opportunity to produce a song that I co-wrote professionally with the band Consumed by Fire, back in June.

I eagerly committed to helping ChildFund provide for 30 kids in return, and want to deliver just that. This is a good cause, and I would love your support. I only have about 8 more people to find.

The organization is ChildFund International. Click the name to learn more.
If you do want to donate, just comment below, and I can help you with that part. If you just go through the website, though, it won't help my cause, because I have to send in the money/sponsorships with the children they assigned me.

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