Friday, September 11, 2020

Lonely (Free Verse Poem)


Does anyone see?

Or are we all looking

For what makes us look good,

While silently and innocently hurting

the others around us

by not looking

by not caring,

and by contributing to



person standing on rock near lake and mountain during daytime

And do we feel that

ourselves too?

What if when we reach out

it actually became

the solution

to our lonliness?

Sometimes someone needs

someone to come alongside them

because they can't give well,

they need to be filled,

and they need Jesus.

But if we make sure we are reaching out to

at least some

even if not all,

even if you're the lonely one

even if I'm the lonely one

would it change things?


Isolation is not the answer.

Loneliness is not the answer.

Pity is not the answer.

Grief is okay, but in moderation.

brown sand with white paint

Lift up your head.

Love is real.

You are loved.

And don't you dare say different,

because you'll be wrong.

There is definitely someone who loves you

even if that's just God.

This could very well be just a season.

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