Monday, September 23, 2019

Enjoy and Love

Enjoy where you're at, and who you are journeying with. The beauty of these friendships go deep!
You never know how many special people God has and wants to put in your life until you open your eyes &  allow Him. That was true for me.

I struggled (and still do) with lots of things including judging others and comparison of myself, others, etc., but a while back I started opening my eyes more and started loving people and seeing them for who they really are, and I made some amazing friends, deepened other relationships, and I aligned myself with God as I had tons of fun and let these amazing people God had provided past the walls I had built up around myself. 
Don't hold back. Love like Christ, and you never know, you might find the friends you truly need. I have.

I am still in the process (God's not done) and I need to get back to that loving of others because I have not put as much effort in for a while now. But I know that with God, it's not hard, even though in ways it can be.

I might post another post on this topic later, but I may not. ;p

These pictures are from a birthday party I went to with some of these God given friends.

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