Sunday, June 2, 2019

This Is A New Day

Hey, Reader!
This is a new day for me, and a lot has been changing. God is showing Himself awesome to us both everyday, and I am very glad about that. Sometimes, even when we don't feel near Him, and even when we seem to mess up all the time, He does things that just echo, "I'm still right here, I am still working, I still love you".
So, I have changed location, churches, etc., and have made other decisions etc. So lots of things have been changing, but God has given me peace about a lot of it, and is leading me in His awesome steps day by day, even if I don't always follow Him, which to be honest, happens a lot more than I would like.
I am here to talk about something else today, as well, and that is a challenge! I will be posting a challenge after I post this post, because I want to keep what I say here separate from the post. I hope you join!


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