Sunday, June 2, 2019

The Psalm 119 Challenge (continuous)

Hello Reader!
I started copying down Psalm 119, and I want to invite you as well, in a challenge way.
What is the challenge about? Well, it's extremely simple, with only 4 steps.
I will also participate, but since I have already started, I will just re-read what I have copied and go from there.
By the way, this is doesn't have a deadline. It just applies to a week from today (when you read this) or whenever you start.

How to participate:

  1. Take one week, or less, and copy down by hand Psalm 119 in your journal, or wherever. Just make sure you hand write it.
  2. Before you start, I recommend you pray, though not required, and just ask the Lord to reveal what He wants to through this passage, and to help you understand what you are reading and copying.
  3. Write 3 sentences to a paragraph by hand in the same journal or wherever you are doing it, after you are done with the first step (copying); this is to be about what you read, what you learned, or anything really about it or the effects, etc.
  4. Type your sentence(s), paragraph below in the comments, or write a new version or something for it, if you want to keep your first one private. If you do write another one, hand write that one beside the other before you type it here. :)

This is going to be awesome!
Yet again, even though I will be doing it this week, this challenge is always open to you, and anyone else. And this is all only if you want to.

Have a wonderful day! Hope to hear from you in a week or less! Also, if you want me to not publicly publish your comment, please include that in your comment, otherwise it will be.

I hope this helps strengthen us, and build us up. God is amazing and works incredibly!

This Is A New Day

Hey, Reader!
This is a new day for me, and a lot has been changing. God is showing Himself awesome to us both everyday, and I am very glad about that. Sometimes, even when we don't feel near Him, and even when we seem to mess up all the time, He does things that just echo, "I'm still right here, I am still working, I still love you".
So, I have changed location, churches, etc., and have made other decisions etc. So lots of things have been changing, but God has given me peace about a lot of it, and is leading me in His awesome steps day by day, even if I don't always follow Him, which to be honest, happens a lot more than I would like.
I am here to talk about something else today, as well, and that is a challenge! I will be posting a challenge after I post this post, because I want to keep what I say here separate from the post. I hope you join!