Thursday, December 6, 2018

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Hey everyone! This post isn't too organized, but it's getting into December, and I just need to post it. Here ya go, and enjoy this December! Yet again, I am going to be doing the 12 Days of Christmas blog tour, so do you have ideas for Christmas posts I could write?

November 1, 2018
I made fried potatoes, chocolate matcha banana smoothie, & egg salad today. I am wanting to have a garden next year, but we'll see. :)
Pictures from today:


I'm picking up my music lessons again today, it was raining this morning, and I have been listening to some piano music. My friend is leaving for Japan today, and another for Virginia! Tomorrow I go to another camp! :)

First week of November: I went to GJ camp, and we won mostly! We campaigned. I gained new friendships, and renewed others. ☺
#TeamCharlieForever! We had different teams, and we were competing for how many doors knocked, etc., and my team won! Yay!

—Election & campaigning. Saw some really awesome trees, and autumn beautifulness while going door to door!
—Performed at assisted living places.
—Play practice.
—I hit a deer on Thanksgiving night, and the van will be totaled! So you could say that I went hunting and got a big doe (JK, I actually didn't see it until it was in front of me, and I was on the highway going 70, so there is no way I couldn't have hit it.) God protected us, though, because we literally could have died if it had happened differently.
—Talking to a music artist, and a songwriter at our church Thanksgiving dinner

—Being one of the 2 oldest teens at camp! #howdidthathappen...timegoesquicklyIguess
—Dance practice.
—Semi-decided what college I am going to for nursing if I do that (which I think I will? Prayers would be appreciated!)
—Time with friends! I am a people person, just so ya know! :P My #1 love language is quality time.
—IT SNOWED!!!! But then, in days, it was gone. It stayed a while, though, comparatively to some years!
—Uncle came!
—I got a taste of autumn and of winter!

What was your November like?

Goals I had:
Write 5 letters. I probably did?
Finish everything on my bucket list. Nope.
Spend more time with God.
Spend more time practicing piano.
Pick up guitar again.
Book performances for December. I did for my normal people, but not any new.
Get Christmas carolers together. Didn't end up doing this.
Learn all the songs for the play.  Almost. :P
Help win the election.  Mostly, at least!

Pictures (most are mine, but not all):
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Before this happened, I had posted this & this on FB:
"We don't know what's around the corner, but we know who's got our back.
I am thankful for God, law enforcement, EMS, medical personnel, military, and the politicians who support the truth and constitution, etc."
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Not my picture, I got it off Facebook.
After this happened, I posted this on FB:
"Thank you, Firemen, State Patrol, and Sheriff's Office, for being there for us and sacrificing your holiday to put others first."
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Dad added stain to our table.

I thought this was funny...I'm gone for one week, and the president calls. :P
I know it wasn't really him, but it would be funny if I picked up the phone and was like, "Hello, Mr. President!"

After it snowed, let's just say that Tiger wanted in, and I captured this expression. LOL.

This was an "amazing" structure that got built at camp. So, the top part was just sitting on the table, and I made the bottom part and put the other one on top. :)

Have a great day, all!

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  1. Hey Amy,
    This is a great compilation of the events of November. Someday you'll enjoy looking back at this.