Thursday, November 8, 2018

Last Chance for the Challenge! Ends on November 10th.

How to participate: Write one paragraph or more about this picture in the comments below.

I will publish mine, and yours in a future post (not sure on date yet)!
However, if I find it somehow inappropriate, against my convictions or standards or something, I may not publish it. So please be writing clean. :)

Happy writing!


  1. we passed the big field of corn in stark city, and as we did my mind floated back to the time we lived in nebraska. i was 7 or 8 and my little brothers and i were super close- we were the 3 musketeers and did everything together!! besides picking mulberries, climbing trees, 'rescuing' baby birds and exploring our small woods, our favorite thing was to play in the cornfield right by our house. it stretched for 'forever' and we would make up hundreds of games that entertained us for hours. once when we were playing my feet got stuck in mud, really stuck! everything was thawing and there was lots of MUD. so i took off my shoes, and my little brother actually carried me home because the cornstalks would poke into my feet without shoes.
    i miss all the memories we made there, i thought, still looking out the window. the cornfield was long gone, but i'll never forget the adventures we had in that cornfield that went on 'forever'. <333

  2. I got a dream, and it isn't wrapped up in a mansion, with everything I would want. No, this dream—one of many, really—is wrapped up in the country, with a farm, goats, chickens, a family, a garden, flowers, etc. It's wrapped in the sunrise, and the sunset. Lots of windows to let in natural light, a tire swing, and an old truck. Fields, trees, water. It's a full life, and a great life, even though it may be hard work. And we seek the Lord.