Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Chai Tea Inspired Experiment

Hello! This is what can happen...I take a break from blogging and find things to blog about while I'm supposed to be on break. ☺

So I have this thing for tea, and especially chai! Today, since I couldn't make true chai (I usually just use a tea bag, though, and have never actually made it from scratch ), I made an interesting concoction that was good. Not perfect, but good. ☺
It had pumpkin spice, Constant Comment black tea (I took most of it out of the teabag), pepper, vanilla extract, non airy dry creamer, milk, and brown sugar. I put all of this in loose, and made it in a small pan and strained it before drinking.
So yup! Experimenting can be interesting. ☺ I got some inspo for this from watching a video about chai and also looking at a recipe.
Now you have more of an idea of my kitchen life -- experimenting. 😋
Have a great day! God bless you & yours!

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