Monday, October 29, 2018

Paragraph or More Challenge!

How to participate: Write one paragraph or more about this picture in the comments below.

I will publish mine, and yours in a future post (not sure on date yet)!
However, if I find it somehow inappropriate, against my convictions or standards or something, I may not publish it. So please be writing clean. :)

Happy writing!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Badge of Faith—My Movie Review // Back the Blue

Not my picture, click here for my source.
Hey everyone! I just got done watching the movie Badge of Faith last night, and I rate it 4 stars. It was a good movie...not because of what most people would rate a movie by, but because of the faith, faithfulness, truth, hope, etc. displayed in this movie.
The story is based on a true story, and tells of Police Officer Bryan Lawrence, who was injured when on duty. He was paralyzed with little hope of recovery, but God is still God, and miracles do happen. I recommend this movie. It's not perfect, but it's a pretty clean movie over all.
We should be supporting our police, whether they are in the good times, or are walking through the fire; and whether they are future, current, or former officers. We need to stand together, and stop fighting each other. The police are ultimately working for us. Yes, they are imperfect—we are all imperfect—but that doesn't mean we should judge them for every imperfection. And while there can be those who do wrong, most of our police are doing right. Please just remember that we all go through stuff, so we just need be the love, and stop judging others.
But anyway, in summary, this was a good movie, and let's back our guys and ladies in blue. They are worth honoring, and respecting.

Here's the trailer:

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

I See Faces // Piano Solo

Hey! So, I made this video of me playing piano. I mostly made the song up (please go to YouTube and read the description if you want to know more about it, for I used some parts from another song in it,) and called it "I See Faces". The reason for the name is because it was inspired by soldiers, etc.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Just So You Know :)

Hey! I am changing my blog, and reverting a lot of my old posts to drafts (everything from 2016 and later) & deleting a lot, too.

Monday, October 15, 2018


 Hello. So, I am ending my blog break because I just can't seem to break when I choose to take a break. It's kind of funny, really. But for the rest of October there will not be any Wednesday words, like in September. I may pick that up again someday, but not right now.
I ask for prayers for my mom, who just had surgery, and is recovering from that.
I also ask for prayers for me, and that God will establish His will today and tomorrow, and that everything will go well, even if the doors are shut, and not opened.
Thank you!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Though Things Are Falling

I was going about in our back room and caused things to fall over. Our cat was eating his food, and though things were falling around him, he didn't flee or move away from his bowl.
We need to be like this in a way. Be calm, even though things are falling. Find our peace in Jesus, and know that though we could run, it's more important to follow through on the task set before us. In the end, we will gain more than if we were running.
However, know when you need to move on, and out of the way sometimes, for it might save your life, and/or the lives of others, or just be better in the long run.
And most of all, pray. :)

10*8*18 & 10*12*18

Thursday, October 11, 2018

I'd Love Your Business!

Just want to remind everyone in the blogging world that I make headers (blog title pictures) for $10 each (may end up more depending on how hard your header is) and I would enjoy having you as a customer!
Even if you don't want to be one, but would like to support me, please get my button!

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Chai Tea Inspired Experiment

Hello! This is what can happen...I take a break from blogging and find things to blog about while I'm supposed to be on break. ☺

So I have this thing for tea, and especially chai! Today, since I couldn't make true chai (I usually just use a tea bag, though, and have never actually made it from scratch ), I made an interesting concoction that was good. Not perfect, but good. ☺
It had pumpkin spice, Constant Comment black tea (I took most of it out of the teabag), pepper, vanilla extract, non airy dry creamer, milk, and brown sugar. I put all of this in loose, and made it in a small pan and strained it before drinking.
So yup! Experimenting can be interesting. ☺ I got some inspo for this from watching a video about chai and also looking at a recipe.
Now you have more of an idea of my kitchen life -- experimenting. 😋
Have a great day! God bless you & yours!

Monday, October 8, 2018

Flowers & Leaves

So, I was inspired, and took some pics. Most of the leaves haven't started fully turning at my house, so I had to find these leaves. :P If I could speed up the trees I might, but oh well. To everything there is a season. :)

Also, I use a lot of free pics on my blog, but I want to start using more of my pictures, though not completely do away with the others. We'll see how it goes, though. I may start putting captions saying that it isn't my pic on some of those ones. Anyway, though, have a wonderful day and God bless!

Friday, October 5, 2018

Hey everyone...

I am going to take a break from blogging here until my October summary post. I may post between now and then, though. I will probably continue updating my bucket list sometimes.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Joshua 1:9 & A Writing From the Past

Joshua 1:9 is one of my favorite verses and it ties into the following.

I found this writing from a while back and want to share it with you. I don't know when I wrote it, but I am guessing between 11-14 or 15. It's edited some.

 "You can't always take the easy road in life. Take the challenge to live as Jesus, Jesus should be your hero, and your role model.
He invites you to live Him, and accept Him as Lord so someday you can live with Him in heaven. And so that more people could be there [in heaven] through your ministry [because you let God work through you to bring people to Him]. The way to give love is to live love.
When Jesus asks you to go through a storm, no matter how big, remember, He will be behind you, to protect you, and in front of you to guide you; He will be there for you, and if you fall, He will catch you. And He will walk beside you, to be your best friend, and have a relationship with you."

Welcome October!

I love Anne With An  An E...Anne of Green Gables...Fall...and especially October!

October! YAY! This is the month that the leaves start to turn here!

Finish my lavender hat (I just need to weave in the ends).
Journal more.
Save $20 more for a mission trip.
Finish Around the World In Eighty Days.
Finish After the Dancing Days.
Write a review for After the Dancing Days.
Make something with pumpkin in it.
Make a pumpkin pie.
Crochet on my blanket (hoping to get it done by the end of November or sooner).
Make 2 gifts for Christmas gifts.
Write a poem about autumn.
Drink apple cider.
Cross more off my bucket list! Click here to see it.
Accomplish all these things!
Watch the movies:
I hope to write reviews on all these one day, but I don't know when (I might re-write my review for The Magic of Ordinary Days).
These are on my top 5 movies though!

Happy October!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018


Please watch this music video before continuing. It's Mandisa singing "Overcomer."

That's what today's word is: overcomer. This may not literally be a word, but it means a person who overcomes.

God overcame sin, death, sickness, bad thoughts, hurt, OBSTACLES, etc. at the cross.

Because He overcame those things, and offers His victory to me, I am an overcomer if I accept His offer, and choose to be.

I can be overcome by my circumstances.
I can feel sorry for myself.
I can give up.
I can say it's too hard.


I can be an overcomer no matter what my circumstances may be.
I can be confident and know that this won't last forever, and God makes me strong, and will make me stronger through this if I let Him.
I can refuse to give up but instead give it all to God and trust Him, and do what I am supposed to do. So when I fall, I get back up and do what God wants me to.
I can say it's not too hard for God, and live it. I can live in trust, instead of terror.

Romans 8:28
Philippians 4:13

Monday, October 1, 2018

"don't wait any longer"

I found this on Pinterest.
#LiveSalted | Live Salted Blog | Instagram @livesalted | College Ministry | Grow in My Faith | Bible Verses | Scripture | Daughter in Christ
Not my picture, click here for my source.

// September 2018 //

Hello! My September was filled with music and colder weather as it brought in the wonderful autumn while saying farewell to the great summer of 2018. This post is different compared to my others, and yes, I took some inspiration from some other blogs. It won't be perfect, but o well. I hope you have a great October!
The new "Stonehenge!" :P
Blog Diary(ish) Entries
(edited, & pics added):

You don't have to be perfect. You just need to be genuine and try to do good excellently, but not in a perfectionist way.

I am wearing a sweater! And I wore it for part of yesterday, too! It's getting colder, and so far it's kinda nice. :) Yesterday I also completed a bucket list goal: drinking a pumpkin spice cappuccino. Only, I didn't do it in a traditional way, because I added Reese's flavored coffee creamer (?) and whipped cream. TBH, it wasn't the best combination, but it wasn't terrible. So, maybe I'll get another sometime without that combination, IDK. :P
I face-timed with a friend yesterday through Google, so that was cool.

C.S. Lewis has a lot of good quotes. I recently did a scavenger hunt with a sib. That was fun. Soon I will be hosting an Anne of Green Gables marathon!

If you pray for godly friends, God hears you. He may not always answer in your timing or in the way you wants, but somehow, He will answer you or show you something in the Bible. The Lord wants us to have friends, and not just friends, but good God-honoring friends. And then another thing—what kind of a friend are we being? Are we being the friend we would want for ourselves? Why should we expect godly friends if we ourselves are not willing to be a godly friend? The golden rule applies here: treat others as you would want to be treated. And you never know, you may find friends in the people you didn't expect, or plan. And, God may bring more friends in to your life, I don't know. But the point of all this is that we need to pray for friends (and the ones we already have), not just wish for it, and also, make sure we are being the friend that we would want to have—God honoring, loving, caring, strong, etc.
Let us reflect Jesus in our relationships, and our lives. <3 p="">

I finished a hat on Saturday except for weaving in the ends. I may include a picture later, IDK. Had fun doing our Anne of Green Gables marathon the other day! Yay! Thanks ladies, I had a good time. :)

I finished watching the Love Comes Softly series. I may not have seen every scene or part, but it's good enough. :) I finished the last one, Love's Christmas Journey.

When we least expect it, God puts great situations in our lives, and helps us reach goals! Today a person came up to me in church and wanted me to help out with something, and in result, that's $20 towards a missions trip! The Lord really does provide, everyone. We have gone through a hard time recently, but no matter what, the Lord takes care of us. And I believe He wants to take care of you, too. :)


I'm reading Around the World in Eighty Days (by Jules Verne) this month, and right now I'm listening to "He Leadeth Me" by Candi Pearson Shelton. I really like this song! One of my favorite hymns. :) Now I'm listening to "Draw Me Close" by Andy Park.
I've been called an old soul, and I partially agree. But really, it's good to love the old and new, not just the new. This reminds me that I got to browse an antique shop twice this month with a friend (18), and it was nice. I liked looking at the old pictures the best. Hundreds of pictures, with faces that you don't know, that belong to people with lives that could have changed the world and I never knew it. Just a thought. :) Yes, I think/talk like this sometimes. :P
So, lately, I learned about the Suez canal, that connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea. It is super helpful, and because of it, you don't have to go almost all the way around Africa, just to get to your destination.
Had a good night at youth group. :)

I really like this song, and I really like this music video. They did a very good job on it. :)
I hope to go back to a studio someday! I actually miss it a little. :) #kacey-let'sgoback!
It was awesome, guys, even if it wasn't like the one in the video completely. Stay tuned, though! My song should be coming out around 2019!
Don't know what I'm talking about? Visit this page: HERE.

Not my pic or recipe. Click here.

Some Creative Stuff:
I painted rocks with two little girls. :)
I crocheted 6 hats, one normal size and 5 baby/toddler size—I think. Hopefully I'm not mixing them up with August.
Typed up some letters. :)
Tried 2 new recipes recently, even though I didn't perfectly follow the recipes, one for a latte and one for cookies. I also experimented with drinks and the frother.
Helped make some coasters.

Not my pic or recipe, click for link.
With the latte I put in extra sugar, and I think extra milk. With the cookies, one thing I did was substitute pumpkin spice for both ginger and cinnamon. They were awesome, though.

13 blog posts this September. Click the title to go to the post. :)

Bucket List Accomplishments:
  • Finish beta-reading a friend's book
  • Start blogging about a word every Wednesday for at least September.
  • Save for missions.
  • Write 100 words on my WWII story.
  • Design blog stuff for at least one person
  • Drink a pumpkin spice cappuccino.
  • Drink cocoa.
  • Finish watching (even if I don't literally see every little part, because I haven't and probably won't) the Love Comes Softly Series again:
  • Love Comes Softly
    Love's Enduring Promise
    Love's Long Journey
    Love's Abiding Joy
    Love's Unending Legacy
    Love's Unfolding Dream
    Love Takes Wing
    Love Finds A Home
    Love Begins
    Love's Everlasting Courage
    Love's Christmas Journey
If you are interested, I have added more things to my bucket list since I first posted about it, and probably will as the autumn continues! Just click the "My Autumn Bucket List" link at the top of this blog if you want to see it.

Other stuff:
Visited a museum.
Helped clean up a house.
Spent a little over 2 days with a friend.
School. :)
Drank tea!!!
All pics are pics I took in September.