Tuesday, July 31, 2018

// July 2018 //

The important stuff:
Camp changed me!

Glory and thanks be to God for providing for me to go!

I was in a rough spot with my relationship with God, but now it's better, though still not perfect. I want to be strong everyday in my walk with Him. I got some hope at camp that I want to keep, even though life is hard.

I want to be who God made me, not try to chase other things...so hopefully there will be a lot of good changes in my life!

Lots of good came out of camp and I will hopefully share some more of it later.

I am a child of God, and I am called to some kind of ministry, even if that is just in my everyday life.
I watched a movie last night that shed some light on the whole "being called" thing. It's called This is Our Time (trailer below). It was saying that with God's calling, it's not about what to can do, but being who God wants you to be.

Please pray for me about this stuff, because it is a fight, though we already know who wins in the end—God!

Though it's not exactly the same message, here is one of the messages that was shared at camp(this is the same guy who spoke at camp):

Decided to get rid of a lot of books, and also some other stuff.
3 performances at elderly care facilities, and 1 or 2 elsewhere.
Hanging out with friends at the 4-H fair.
Interning at an art camp.
Going to my first real youth camp!
Started crocheting a blanket after my friend inspired me.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Camp & Live God Loud & Prayer Requests

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Not my picture, click here for source.
I just got back from camp! It was amazing!
But this post is partly about how I am starting to read a book called Live God Loud, and it literally is tying in with a whole bunch of stuff from camp!
(Thanks, friend, for the book & camp experience!)
I can't tell you an overall rating yet because I picked it up again just today (I have started it in the past, but never finished), but so far it's pretty great! There has been a few little parts that I question a little/don't completely agree with, but other than that it's good so far.
Live God Loud by Ron Luce https://www.amazon.com/dp/0849942810/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_U_x_HaNxBbE4B8A54
Not my picture. Click here for source.
Prayer requests:
That God will make it clear to me whether He wants me to pursue a medical career or not.
That God will provide for me to be a missionary if He wants me to be.
That He will show me where He wants me to go with ministry.
That I will continue to draw nearer to God and stronger in my relationship with Him, faith, and fruits of the Spirit.
A loved one's protection.
Family members to  turn back to Jesus.
A loved one to have understanding, and wisdom.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

June 2018 Recap

Got more story inspo for the 3rd book in my WWII series (which is still mostly in my head, mind you).

Went to Nashville—to record the song!
It will probably be around fall/winter 2018 or beginning of 2019 when I finally get my song back and we put it on iTunes, just so you know. 

 Got my hair cut! I have it curled in the right picture. :) It has already grown a little since then!
BEFORE (may 2018)

Someone I know got a puppy! ♥

Lots of music that month. :p

Met Gene Ezell, a songwriter/musican.

Videos I made:

Got 10 rolls of washi tape cheap at a craft store.
Established my site more. Click here.
My friend who moved away is moved back at least for now, if not on the way to fully moving back.
Crocheted a baby hat.
Drew an eye.
Wrote some letters.
It's been a long month, and I don't remember everything.
Officially performed at an assisted living establishment!
Wrote another song, though it needs some work still.

Guitar again, however, I haven't done much lately with it.

Got my first letter from my sponsor child's sister!
(This month—July—I wrote her back.)
My sister did a little photo shoot for me. Thanks, Em!
Went to the drive in (or maybe that was last month...IDK).
Experimented making icecream out of bananas, etc.

Watched a documentary/thing about Living Hope.

Made 4(ish) new headers.

Started offering blog designs.

Nashville trip picture.
Chai tea with hazelnut creamer.

Church notes.
Just now (when I wrote this) I had my flip flops on backward. :P
Hammocked with a friend.
Hammocked with my sister.
Went swimming in both MO & TN.
Found my interest in art stuff again!

Friday, July 20, 2018

TN Trip Pics Saved #1

Hello there!
So, as some of you know, I went to Nashville and wrote and recorded a song with Consumed By Fire--mainly the lead singer, Caleb Ward. Thanks Caleb!
Anyway! I am going to put some pictures on here, mainly because I want to save them here. I didn't take all of them, but I took most of the scenery pictures. The other major person who took these pictures is K. (I have more posts about these trips, so you can read those if you want.)

We are NOT drinking alcohol! It's like flavored water stuff. :P

These pictures were from the late May trip (last three days).
None of this would have been possible without ChildFund International! In exchange for me getting an amazing musical experience, I am suppose to find 30 sponsors for them! I still need 13! Please be one! It's $33 a month! And please pray!