Friday, June 1, 2018

Nashville Trip May 2018 // Nashville Notes!

I plan on doing more posts about my trip, but here are some notes on the experience. Some of the pictures I will use were not taken by me, like this one below. Thanks Kacey, etc.!
A bunch of trips to Starbucks.
I found my favorite thing to get at Starbucks: hot chocolate made with coconut milk! So good!

Walking forward in the midst of fear.
God opened doors I didn't know existed.
 God opened doors I knew existed.
I love traveling!

Went to Nashville!

 Outside the Parthenon replica.

Missouri, of course. 😋
Music row.
New friends.
City lights!
Singing each other's songs in the car.
Helping with each other's songs.
Getting each other's songs stuck in our heads & also singing them randomly and sometimes silly and funny.
Rapping my song. 😋
Being happy for the hours before us in the car trip back, even though others weren't always like that. 😁
Jumped in a pool fully clothed except for my flip flops, which I took off.
I like Nashville!
Tree covered mountains.
Enjoying scenery.
Seeing what might have been a swamp--of it was it's the first time I have ever seen in person.
Co-writing with Caleb Ward (lead singer of Consumed by Fire)! 

Being with the band (Josh, Caleb, and Jordan).

Meeting Robert Venable and seeing his studio.
Show and tell.

My first time trying dip and dots that I know of for sure. I had chocolate icecream flavor.
Singing. Singing. Singing. Singing.
I decided to someday learn guitar.
I decided to do music.
Awesome elevators!
Awesome hotel!
Yummy mango enhanced water.
Chicken strips with gravy -- reminded me of chicken fried steak.
 Camera battery too low for pics on the way back.
A marshmallow farm (Hay bales wrapped up).😁
Cool bridges.
"I believe in Nashville" wall.
Pictures and videos.
Downtown Nashville.
Jumped in a pool fully clothed except my flip flops.
Franklin & Cool Springs.
Heavy rain and the possibility of being in a tornado. Tornado warning.
3 days seeming like way longer than 3 days.
Life changed!!!!
One song turning into a different song amazingly.
Thank you for your prayers and to those who sponsored.
It's not over!
I still need 21 sponsors in these 2 weeks to reach my goal! Please contact me ASAP if interested or have questions. livinginfaithandfun at gmail dot com.
Veggie straws.
Corn nuts.
You have to sit in the middle seat for a while to sit in the front seat.
Pizza was the first meal we had there. I think we were in Nashville.
Great advice.
Don't eat tomatoes before performing.
I went with great musicians to work with great musicians.
Thank you to all who where involved!

AND as of the rest of the trip I will say this for now...etc.

More pictures later. :)

Have you ever been to Nashville?


  1. Love this. <3 Sounds like you had a fabulous time!!

  2. Wowww girl this sounds so amazing!!!!!!! So happy for you <33 and yasss that hot chocolate sounds soooo good! My favorite thing there is the Chocolatey chip Creme haha xD

  3. Congratulations! I'm so glad you got to go! So do you sing? I've been to Nashville once for a home school convention; it was really fun!

  4. Cool post! You had dip and dots for the first time?!? Aren't they soooo good??? We always get them at the fair.

  5. So happy for you sweetheart! I read this earlier, but I forgot to comment. Hugs, Momma