Monday, July 24, 2017

It's Me.

Who am I?

I am a girl. A woman of God.

I am an artist. I like to draw, paint, doodle, dream, and more.

I am a dreamer. I have big plans, but really, I need to learn to give my plans to God, because my perfectionism is not always God's plan. God is a Potter, and making pottery is not a spic and span clean process.

I am clay. God's my Potter, so I don't have to worry about what I'll look like when I am done. It'll be beautiful. Just wait, it'll be the same with you, if you give Him everything. I'm trying, though I don't always, and I need to DO more, more than just TRY [I need to GIVE] CONTINUALLY, MY HANDS, AND MY LIFE--all to God.

I am a person who likes clay, and making stuff out of it...I really enjoy it...not necessarily the finished project, but the process. :)
I am overjoyed at times from hearing peoples' stories and testimonies—and of miracles.

I am learning the love of Christ, even if it is slow at times.

I like to walk in nature. Especially my big back yard, where I have prayed to Jesus many a time, found peace, and just enjoyed God's creation. And that's one place where I believe I have felt beauty the most. Yes, felt beauty.

I am a girl, wanting to stay pure for my future husband, wherever he is right now. Whether I know him now or not, I want to be pure for him, God, and me; and I want him to be pure for me and for God. One thing that is hard for my flesh self to accept sometimes is that if I want certain things in my future husband, I should be following those same standards, and not expect things of him without giving up those things, and saving those things, too. And I want to truly apply that principle to my life.

I think I like getting paint on my hands; and I like how it comes off normally when you wash it. :)

I love music.

I like taking pictures, and photography.

I like flowers. Wildflowers, purposefully grown flowers, & all flowers.

I am amazed at God's plans.

I love God.

I am glad that I have a voice, and that God has given me a voice with my writing, and that He has great things in store, even if it isn't writing.

I want to serve God and help people. I want to provide medical assistance, and help. I want to be useful and productive in meeting people's needs...physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I would like to travel, and go on missions...including medical missions. Some places I want to go are Africa, Germany, Italy with my dad, India, Israel, Afghanistan, the Philippians, Sweden, a lot of places in Europe, especially that were involved in WWII, and maybe Romania.
And I would like to go to the Samoa Islands with a lady I know who grew up there. I want to pay for her way someday, and see around the island where she lived and where her family now is today.

I want to encourage.

I want to be a vessel of God's love.

I care about America, and our military, and people trying to help us get back in the right.

I like to type.

I am glad I am God's.

I love sign language.

I like being part of my Bible Study.

History is something that fascinates me--or at least parts of it. :)

It's me. And there's so much more!
I've been here all along, ever since God formed me. And I've been planned since before the beginning of time. You have been, too. So go out into all the world, and tell them about our Savior—our savior. ☺

Also, did you notice that the first picture is imperfect? It's not how we planned it, yet, it is a good picture. Just not in the traditional way.
It's okay to be different, and not traditionally perfect like people, or even ourselves, want us to be, as long as we are following God in our lives.
Besides, sometimes God leads us in extraordinarily different paths...well, He always does. It's just we don't always listen. :) We need to, though, and follow Him for it's better anyway, and better for us in a lot of ways.

Now. That I have told you some things about myself, what do you want to hear more about?

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Clearing the Slate & Updates

Hello, friends. I know I haven't posted much, but I am still alive! :)
I would appreciate it (mainly if your a reader of my blog) if you stuck around for this post, so I can fill you in on some things.

I would like to clear all promises of posts, series, genres of posts, etc. that I have made on this blog. A clear slate is what I want.

I had said I wanted to reply to all reply-able comments, and visit the websites/blogs of the commentors. Well, now, while I may reply to some, and decide to visit some sites/blogs, I am canceling that promise.  I hope you understand.

I am not going to finish The 12 Cultures of Christmas, even though I planned to eventually. I may, however, publish some of the posts I had been working on at times, but I don't know. No promises. :)

I am not changing my blog name for this blog anymore now. I may in the future, but I am leaving it alone for now. Plus, I am even thinking about starting over completely. But, nothing is definite, and I don't know when that would happen exactly if ever, but hopefully someday.

I may not ever pick Verse of the Week up again, though I don't know.

And, if there is anything else I've said I'll do, I am just going to take it back right now and start new with a clean slate.

I hope you understand. Blogging has not been my biggest priority right now, but I am still continuing the blog, and not really stopping it now, I just haven't posted.

So now that we have that out of the way, I'll let you know something about my life.

My mom is battling cancer right now. I haven't read much. I got some new flip flops at Old Navy (best quality normal flip flops I know about). I have found interesting stuff in the book of Ecclesiastes, and this is only a day/season in my life--the life that God planned.

God planned you, too.

Have a great day, and God bless you and all you know and have known and ever will know!