Monday, September 23, 2019

Enjoy and Love

Enjoy where you're at, and who you are journeying with. The beauty of these friendships go deep!
You never know how many special people God has and wants to put in your life until you open your eyes &  allow Him. That was true for me.

I struggled (and still do) with lots of things including judging others and comparison of myself, others, etc., but a while back I started opening my eyes more and started loving people and seeing them for who they really are, and I made some amazing friends, deepened other relationships, and I aligned myself with God as I had tons of fun and let these amazing people God had provided past the walls I had built up around myself. 
Don't hold back. Love like Christ, and you never know, you might find the friends you truly need. I have.

I am still in the process (God's not done) and I need to get back to that loving of others because I have not put as much effort in for a while now. But I know that with God, it's not hard, even though in ways it can be.

I might post another post on this topic later, but I may not. ;p

These pictures are from a birthday party I went to with some of these God given friends.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

October Challenges

road in the middle of forest

Hey! So, this October I want to challenge myself with some things. If you want to join me in any of these, please comment below! Also, if you have a blog, please share it in the comments, and I will come visit!
At the end of October, I hope to post about these, but I am not sure if I will yet.

  • Read/listen to all required books for Sunday school (we are reading the Bible)
  • Write a blog post every 2-3 weeks
  • Write an October summary post (even if I publish it in November or something)
  • Take a walk every morning, and take a picture for proof, motivation via this obligation, etc.
  • Try a Pumpkin Spice Latte
  • Shadow once (if I can plan it)
  • Perform for the 3 places I normally do (I've been taking a break)
  • Play the piano in the hospital lobby
  • Dry herbs
  • Clean up my garden stuff in the yard
  • Get together with one friend I don't normally see
  • One week of encouragement (encouraging others) (got the idea off the radio, only they did a month)
  • Write one paragraph in my story (better than nothing)
  • Write one of my 12 Days of Christmas posts (yup, I am already thinking about it, Faith!) I don't normally do things this early, but I think I should for this year, because they are posts that will need research, etc. I am dropping one hint on what it is: history stuff.
  • Start a blog tag (I actually might do this in September, but if not then, I hope to do it by October at the latest)
  • Write 5 letters
  • Do one workout video a week (on my app, Fit On)
Wow, it sounds like I'll be doing a lot of writing and music. What do you want to do?

orange pumpkins under white sky at daytime

Pictures from

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The Day of Infamy // 40's on Tuesday

As the World War II president Franklin D. Roosevelt said, December 7th, 1941, is “a date which will live in infamy”; but do you know why it was so horrible? Let me share some numbers with you, and you will see the answer.
From the two attacks—yes, there were two, not just one—on Oahu, Hawaii (according to, “The total number of military personnel killed was 2,355, including 2,008 navy personnel, 109 marines, and 218 army. Added to this were 68 civilians, making the total 2403 people dead. 1,117 were from the USS Arizona. The number of wounded came to 1,143 with 710 navy, 69 marines, and 364 army, as well as 103 civilians. Total Japanese losses were 55 men.”
The locations of the two attacks on Oahu included, but were not limited to, Pearl Harbor, Hickam Air Field, Bellows Field, Ford Island Naval Air Station, Kaneohe Naval Air Station, Wheeler Army Air Field, Ewa Marine Corps Air Station, and Schofield Barracks.
Before reading the book Air Raid: Pearl Harbor!, I had no idea of these numbers and that there were more locations hit and multiple waves of attack on this crazy day in history.

On this day, Pearl Harbor, the main target of the Japanese, was horrific—with cries of help sounding from seemingly everywhere, dead bodies floating in the oily, wreckage polluted water, and screaming gunfire falling like rain.
However, despite the surprise and intensity of the first attack, an even greater fighting spirit arose in the moments before and during the second wave. Though facing impossibilities, death, and lack of resources, many a hero was born that day, and many a man took a stand with all they had left.
In addition to the attacks on Oahu, Hawaii, Japan launched other operations in the Pacific Theater that day, as well. As the book (Air Raid: Pearl Harbor!) reads, “...Pearl Harbor was only a part of Japan’s strategy to conquer Asia and turn the Pacific into a Nipponese stronghold. Radio reports of attack were coming in from Hong Kong, from Thailand, and from the Malay Peninsula. Japan had struck on a line that stretched from the Gulf of Siam to Hawaii. Manila had been bombed. Soon, Midway, Wake, and Guam Islands would be under attack. Japan had launched her war on a wide front.”

So, if Japan embarked upon attacking other locations across the Pacific, why did they want to attack Hawaii (an American territory at the time), especially when it was way out of their way? And on top of that, why did they pick a Sunday? Though there is too much information to be covered in this paper, I will try to relay some important points.
Japan and America were at odds. Japan wanted complete control in Asia, but America said no, wanting to hold on and have Japan be the one who let up on her grip. The two nations had many lengthy negotiations but never came to a constructive conclusion. Japan and America knew it was just a matter of time before things exploded—and sure enough, Japan had been planning an attack for months. But, by the time America received the last negotiation message (saying that there would, in fact, be no negotiation), it was too late, for Japan had attacked that same morning.
Now, why would Japan pick Pearl Harbor? I mean, Japan had other closer locations to choose from. Well, that “why” is the question we need to answer.

Oahu, Hawaii, was the perfect location for Japan to attack America, and since it was geographically far away from Japan, America doubted they would attempt such a feat. However, Hawaii was home to many military bases, airfields, (both militarily and individually owned), and of course, a huge harbor named Pearl—it was a golden needle of opportunity in a haystack ocean. Japan wanted to cripple America’s military forces so they could not easily fight back—and she wanted to do it before we had time to prepare. The date was chosen for the element of surprise in the mission, because America would not expect it, Sunday being the day of rest and relaxation.
But this way of sly planning was not a new idea to Japan, for she had been using this tactic of surprise in their military endeavors for years, and saw no reason to break the streak now.

If you want to know more about what happened on December 7th, and even in the months before, I strongly recommend reading Air Raid: Pearl Harbor! by Theodore Taylor.  In my opinion, this eye-opening book receives fives stars, and I believe every American would benefit from reading it, even if it just enables us to truly start to understand this day in history—the day that will forever “live in infamy”.

This Week

I tried this tea recently, and I have found that I really enjoy it as iced tea. I am not always the one who loves citrus, but this was really good, with a nice orange taste. It's Citrus Sunrise, by Celestial Seasonings (tea company)

I used the last of a birthday giftcard (thanks, D) to get a chai tea latte.

Been trying to walk more. I eventually want to start running, but I need to get some better shoes first. ;)

Hey, so I'd like to ask for prayer for my dog, she hasn't been feeling so good.

Guess what!!!!
I finished my history paper I have been working on for forever! I am actually going to share it as a blog post, and will probably post it after or before this post.
I will use it as a The '40's on Tuesday post, even though I will not be consistently doing those. I am pretty much not sticking to any of my old stuff for sure, so if I said I was going to post something and haven't, that's part of why.

Guys! Fall is coming. I am more of a summer girl, but I am still looking forward to it.

For the last thing of this post, I have one more thing to share. I am thinking about doing 4H again, so prayer would be appreciated for that, too.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Do you have any clothing products to recommend for modest workout clothing? That would be greatly appreciated! If so, just leave them in the comments!


Saturday, September 14, 2019

A Little from Lately

Coffee~lots of personal journey stuff~becoming more of an adult kinda~thinking about my future~thinking about surrender of my life & trust in God~thinking of friends~youth group~music~church~walking~a lack of walking, but I want to get into the routine of it again~watched a movie (the new movie, Overcomer, by the Kendrick Bros.—it was really good)~school!~college math~reading Pride and Prejudice~watched Pride & Prejudice (one with Kierra Knightly)~thinking about my novel again~trying to teach the dog to walk beside me instead of in front of me~organized my books~learned a little more about Kenya, but not much yet~hooomework~bonding with others in my class (it's been nice)~thinking a lot~going through a lot of hard personal stuff, but it's ok because a lot of it will be constructive in the end hopefully~blogged a little more~read & listened to the book of MATTHEW~listened to lots of music, including a new favorite, On Top of the World (Anthem Lights)~listening to Anthem  Lights (I've never really listened much to them, even though I knew about them, until now~gardening is winding down~looots of jalepenos~had a photoshoot with my uncle~dance~got some peppermint essential oil on sale (been wanting some)~I turned 18!~I started drinking coffee~got some Bengel spice tea~bought a calculator

Some Songs:
Symphony (Switch feat. Dillon Chase)
Raise a Hallelujah (Bethel)
Stand in Your Love (Bethel)
Psalm 34/Taste and See (Shane & Shane) (youth group)
Set a Fire (maybe Will Reagan) (youth group)
You're Gonna Be Okay (Jenn Johnson)
a little gospel music including Shackles/Praise You, Every Praise (Hezekiah Walker), A Little More Jesus (Erica Campbell), Stomp (Kirk Franklin), and I'm on the Rise (Jekalyn Carr),
In Over My  Head (Jenn Johnson)
Be With Us (Seth & Nirva)
Anchor (Skillet)
Love's to Blame (for King & Country) (this is an interesting breakup song)
Doxology (Anthem Lights feat. Selah)
Native Tongue (Switchfoot)
Haven't Seen it Yet (Danny Gokey)
Greater (MercyMe)
Give Me You (Shana Wilson)

In the Shelter of the Most High

"He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say to the Lord, 'You are my refuge and fortress,
my God, in whom I trust.'
Surely He will deliver you from the snare of the fowler,
and from the deadly plague.
He will cover you with His feathers;
under His wings you will find refuge;
His faithfulness is a shield and rampart.
You will not fear the terror of the night,
or the arrow that flies by day,
the plague that stalks in darkness,
or the calamity that destroys at noon.
Though a thousand may fall at your side,
and ten thousand at your right hand,
no harm will come near you.
You will only see it with your eyes and
witness the punishment of the wicked.
Because you have made the LORD your dwelling—
my refuge, the Most High—
no evil will befall you,
no plague will approach your tent.
For He will command His angels concerning you
to guard you in all your ways.
They will lift you up in their hands,
so that you will not strike your foot against a stone."

Psalm 91:1-12

My original picture, please do not use at all.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Roads and Bridges

My sibling and I took a drive the other day, and I took a lot of pictures. Here are some of them.

Monday, August 19, 2019

This past year

Hey. Go ahead and read this post if you want, because I might not keep it up long term.

I am about to say positive stuff, but also be real, and say some no so positive stuff...however, it's all how you look at it, because God can take all of this brokenness and make something incredible, and therefore I want to be grateful even for my failures.

Before I say this stuff, I want to say this: start doing better, no excuses.
Excuses are not smart, and when you use them, they keep you from doing me, I know from experience.

I am still messed up, but I have a relationship with a God who takes messed up people and makes beautiful stories...He even turns my messes into messages.

If I say any of this wrong, I am sorry...I'm not perfect, but I do want to publish some of this stuff, as personal as it might be.

This last year of, I grew a lot. But man, did I hold back potential.
While seventeen, I changed.
While seventeen, I started becoming an individual, apart from my family, more than ever before (which can feel weird sometimes).
While seventeen, I started drinking coffee.
While seventeen, I changed churches by myself (parent approved).
While seventeen, I started wearing sleeveless shirts. :P
While seventeen, I worked some more consistent odd jobs, which was a newer experience for me.
While seventeen, I didn't blog much.
While seventeen, I had a lot of confidence comparatively to my younger self.
While seventeen I drove by myself more than I ever have.
Let's just say that in my 17th year, I just did more adult things! :P
While seventeen, I went to my first class of college.
While seventeen, I resolved and grew closer in friendships.
While seventeen, I chose to be more mature in some things, but still kept my silly crazy in others.
While seventeen, I didn't have as much confidence as I want to have.
While seventeen, it was hard for me to discern God's voice from the other voices.
While seventeen, God spoke to me about our relationship, and I became aware even more how much I need it.
While seventeen, I moved on from a lot of things, and it was hard.
While seventeen, I made moves towards my future.
While seventeen, I started making message videos.
While seventeen, I worked at a thrift store.
While seventeen, I got a phone.
While seventeen, I learned more about music, and started on a worship band.
While seventeen, I got Instagram.
While seventeen, I actually did some photo shoots.
While seventeen, I learned more about gift giving, and established some thoughts.
While seventeen, God gave me a support system, godly peers, and more than I ever could have imagined, even though it's not cookie cutter like I planned.
While seventeen, God gave me my sister's old car and kept it going for me.
While seventeen, I worked Christmas Eve, and didn't mind all that much.
While seventeen, I watched my sibling go through a relationship that ended months later.
While seventeen, I grew.
While seventeen, I hurt, and cried.
While seventeen, I laughed, and felt more loved than I have in a while.
While seventeen, I've seen the faithfulness of my friend D, and it is enough that I could probably cry.
While seventeen, I moved.
While seventeen, through my youth group, etc., I was allowed to be my age, and it felt really good, though weird at other times.
While seventeen, I was allowed to be an adult in some aspects.
While seventeen, I went to a new state—COLORADO, which has been on my bucket list for at least 4 or 5 years.
While seventeen, I went to Worlds of Fun (I haven't gone to a big amusement park since I was 6.)
While seventeen, one of my best friends got a boyfriend.
While seventeen, one of my closest friends, also entered a relationship.
While seventeen, I worried about the future.
While seventeen, I backed down from many challenges.
While seventeen, I started becoming who I wanted to be, but quite, made excuses, etc.
While seventeen, I felt overwhelmed.
While seventeen, I felt peace.
While seventeen, my favorite Bible verse was Joshua 1:9.
While seventeen, I learned more about the Bible.
While seventeen, I contradicted myself a lot.
While seventeen, I had many mixed emotions.
While seventeen, I had pain. 
While seventeen, I had fear.
While seventeen, I felt alone.
While seventeen, though, I knew God was with me.
While seventeen, I learned that there is freedom in obedience.
While seventeen I learned that God needs to be the POINT of your life, not just a PART of your life.
While seventeen, I cried for people.
While seventeen, I heard stories that inspired me to make a difference.
While seventeen, I met a man from Nairobi, Kenya, who further inspired me to help the people of the Kenyan slums.
While seventeen, I felt how small I was.
But while seventeen, I knew God could use me.
While seventeen, I knew that even if I only brought one person to Jesus in my whole life, it would be worth it—but if I let God use me, and obey Him, He can do more than that.
While seventeen, it was really hard to surrender to God.
While seventeen, I was tired, and needed rest...and began learning that I can find rest in Jesus.

I COULD GO ON! Seventeen was a good year. Seventeen was hard. I grew, and succeeded while seventeen. I also failed while seventeen. I fell many times, and while I got up sometimes, I didn't always...but guess what!
I am a child of God, and seventeen is NOT the end of my story.
By faith, Eighteen will be better, and I will succeed more, though I know will fail and fall a lot, too.

Some of my top goals for eighteen are:
  • Stop giving up. Keep going, even when it gets hard.
  • Be more confident in who God made me, and just in general.
  • Refuse to compare.
  • Refuse to worry about my future.
  • Surrender to God, and obey Him.
  • Write on my WWII story, unless something changes.
  • Be wise.
  • Be pure for my future husband and start praying for Him...and not just for us, but for GOD.
  • Blog more, but I am not sure.
  • Make more message videos.
  • Write letters to people more.
  • Say no to fear.
  • Sing without shame, fear, and embarrassment.
  • Be better at what I do.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

What is your purpose? To know God and make Him known.

Please watch the video above before going on.
Also, I will freely admit this is something I need to work on myself. ;) Lately, I've been going through a lot with thinking of the future. But, even though it's fine to make plans for different things, and figure out some stuff, we need to keep our goal and priorities right, and make sure we are on track with God. He is the leader, we are the follower...even if that means leaving our plans.What is your purpose?  To know God and make Him known.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Please read this post.

I am not sure what the future holds, including for this blog. I just want to let you guys know that, no matter what I've said in the past. I am not necessarily holding to those ideas from before this post anymore.
Blogging has not been on the forefront of my mind, etc., and to be honest, it's hard for me to blog right now.
But to everything there is a season.
Trust God, surrender to Him, and walk in His freedom, my beloved friend, and I hope, fellow child of God, and Christ follower.
Have a blessed day!

p.s. I finally finished copying the Psalm 119 thing, but never fully did the challenge.