Wednesday, February 12, 2020


Why am I so afraid?
Why am I so afraid when I know God is right here?
Why do I believe the lies?
Why do I believe the lies when God tries to show me truth?
Why do I worry?
Why do I worry when I know that God has a plan
and this is just a season?
Someday we will be delivered from these trials.
But until then,
Lord, please help me not to worry, be afraid, or believe the lies.
I need to get in the word,
so Lord, please help me keep this interest
that You have kindled in me.
Thank you for giving me people who can speak positively into my life.

Thank you that I am not alone, even though I feel like it a lot.
Please open my eyes to that.
Please show me where I am supposed to be, and help me get over myself
and be happy—truly joyful, really—exactly
where You want me. Amen.

I know it's hard, and it turly is, but I really want to move forward.

Can I ask you for advice?
What do I do when I am not sure where God wants me?

Thanks, brothers and sisters in Christ!

Random Encouragement

Hey you.
You need to get back up.
This doesn't mean it has to knock you down.
your sister in Christ.

Friday, January 31, 2020

Around the World in Eighty Days // Book Report

Hey, this is an old post, just so you know, but I wanted to post it. I am trying to post some of my old drafts. ;)
Image result for around the world in 80 days unabridged"
Not my pic, I think it's originally from Amazon.

Hello! This is actually a report I wrote for school, so it's more like a report and not as much a review like I've done before with movies. I do, at the end, have a content warning.

"Around the World in Eighty Days, one of Jules Verne's most popular novels, was published on January 30th, 1873. Recently, in September 2018, I attended a class on the book, and finished reading it by October.

Around the World in Eighty Days is an incredibly thought out and researched book, with interesting and well established characters. The plot keeps you reading, while capable of engaging both the reader who may be in search of an adventure, and the practical readers who tend to lean towards no-nonsense reading, to find out information, and develop opinions.

Jules Verne establishes his main characters well, and gives insight onto their motives and actions throughout the book so that each one has an somewhat understandable plot and purpose.

Phileus Fogg is unlike any man you may know, with an almost always calm and logical countenance, while carrying a silent pride and knowledge of the many possibilities of the trip he takes on. Mr. Fogg is an intriguing, and thought provoking fellow who minds his own business—and though to the reader he may seem boring at first glance, he is ultimately a very interesting character, who is predictable, yet can surprise you at times. Throughout the story, he remains his punctual self, but at the same time, he may change into a more compassionate man, who, by the end of the book, realizes the most important gain of his journey, and ends up a happier man. There are truly many things we can learn from this unusual character, including the fact that though things do not always go his way, he accepts them, and moves on.

Paspartout is a loyal Frenchman who arrives on the scene upon the first day of the "impossible" journey. When Paspartout comes into the service of Phileus Fogg, everything seems to be going well and pleasurable for him, until his master comes home unexpectedly, and announces a round-the-world trip. At this, Paspartout is hesitant to believe such a story, but goes along with it all the same, still doubting the adventure until countries later, where he realizes the reality of the situation, though I don't remember it being addressed complexly. Along with Mr. Fogg, this man is also an interesting character; and though his temper can be wriled, and his curiosity gets the best of him at times, his role in the story can be helpful, and humorous. Though Passpartout seems a slave to his circumstances, his rising gas bill, and his master's courageous trip, he remains faithful to Fogg, and doesn't split when his master faces challenges, and is accused of being a theif. Paspartout is truly a man of loyalty, and respect.

Mr. Fix is the last character I will be covering, and let's just say that he is a persistant fellow. Detective Fix is stubbornly loyal to his task at not letting the "bank theif" completely slip through his fingers—even if he has to travel around the world in eighty days to do it. Mr. Fix is a sly man, who keeps his mission a secret until Paspartout confuses him to be a spy, and Mr. Fix eventually explains his plight, and asks for Paspartout's help. Mr. Fix is a character who can be described as both a good guy and a bad guy. But ultimately, poor Mr. Fix is just trying to uphold the law, and arrest Phileus Fogg for the robbery he is sure Fogg committed.

Around the World in Eighty Days is fast paced, detailed, and keeps the reader flipping the pages, while taking time to enjoy the story. The vocabulary can be tricky to the 21st century reader, but endurable, making up for it with the intriguing story line. Though Around the World in Eighty Days is a fictional story, and not completely practical, it is pretty believable, and well thought out. Something I like is how the plot takes twists and turns, making the reader wonder if everything will work out in the end.

This book encourages the practical, informational reader to think about and reflect upon the logistical possibilities of such a feat, while including a well written adventure in it's pages.
The same book can engage the reader who may be in search of an adventure with a plot of twists and turns, while encouraging them to believe such feats are, in fact, possible, and not just fictional.

Around the World In Eighty Days dares the reader to think outside of the box and believe that adventures are out there and possible, not just confined in the pages of a fantasy. And not only that, but this book, if given a true chance, can interest many varieties of people throughout the generations. In conclusion, the characters are well established, the plot interesting, and the book as a whole, well thought out and written."

Content warning:
This book does contain scenes containing drugs, and the effects of them on the characters, etc. Also, I think the book had some awkward details when describing people and their customs, etc., and also includes a poem that is also weird. If you want more info on what I am saying, just ask, and I can elaborate. So, when you read this book, just be aware that sometimes it has some less appropriate content in it that you may want to skip over, but overall is worth the read. There are no sex scenes in it, though, I am mainly talking about blunt details shared, drugs, and stuff like that.

December 2019

 Sushi, twice! Once with Anna, and once taking it home to share with my dad. Caroling. Recital. 4-H Learning about goat things from my friend, Jazmyne. Christmas Parade. Christian college group, and our Christmas party. Finished Math 108, my first ever college class! Meeting with a lady from my church, Christy. Christmas event at our church. Emily's college choir recital (it was awesome). Christmas tea party with church ladies. Church. Went to see a It's a Wonderful Life play with family. Watching the first Christmas dance at my old church that I haven't been in for the last like years—it was good. Christmas! Applying. :P Blogging more. 

Got my hair cut—twice. One time I went with my friend, and got it done by a friend, and then the second time I went with my other friend and got it short because I had been wanting to and regretted not doing it to begin with. But let me tell you guys, it's a lot of work!

Donated blood for the first time! This picture was taken in the evening, but you can see how tiring that day was. :P

Painted my fingernails for the first time in months when my friend and I had a sleepover. This is her color, but I love it.

Puppy adorableness.

Decorated our tree.

Awaken, on Sunday nights.

I got a mocha, Jaz got a smoothie. Maybe that was November.

Made our version of Vietnamese coffee with Micaiah (wait, that might've been November, too.).

Christmas movies, both with friends and at home by myself (but I enjoy it both ways).
This is a quote Anna and I found in one of the movies.

 The demo of my song came out on YouTube (below).

This isn't everything I had hoped to post, but I remembered I hadn't posted this, so I will keep it at this. ;)

Thursday, January 30, 2020

College Changes


Hey everyone!
I am now officially a college student.
I am working on my RN but I want to keep open to God
just in case I am not supposed to take that path.

I have a ton of homework (I am actually breaking to write this),
and it's a big change with this schedule I have & everything.
I am not used to it.
It will be okay, though. ;)

Anyway, all this to say that my blog is not top priority right now,
though I am not totally abandoning it.

I may pick up a little more hopefully after this semester,
but no promises! Sorry, I just don't know what will happen.
I want to, though.

Please pray for:
Fellow students.
President Trump.
Protection for everyone that has anything to do with schools (even visitors).
That I can be a reflection of Jesus.
That I will be able to do all my homework on time, and well.
That I can go on a mission trip this summer, as well as summer camp (last year) (finances).
That God will keep nudging me about this one thing (that has my attention), and provide for it to happen and doors to open if it is His will.
And for anything else you want to.

I Graduated!

Hey friend!
I graduated from high school! Class of 2020, and a semester early! It’s crazy, because I have been looking forward and dreading (in a way) this moment, however, now that it’s here, it’s just like...woah! *smile* The Lord has been so good to me, and He has brought me far. I really can’t take credit for all He has done, but we can give Him glory; so through this little article, that’s what I hope to do, as well as update y’all.
All throughout my life, God has been blessing me like crazy (He has a way of doing that), teaching me through the good and bad, and giving me many opportunities, from challenging situations, to things that have just fallen into place.
The arts have been the defining thing in my life for as long as I can remember, and though I am not pursuing art as a sole career, it will hopefully stay that way.
I have been able to learn more about/do things with my photography, such as put more of it online, start taking photo shoots/jobs with people (mainly casual, but a couple professional), and I even got to sell a few pictures once. With writing, I have blogged (, written articles, worked on a novel, written a lot of poetry and have done some songwriting. Blogging also helped me learn about and love graphic design. Dance, though slightly present before, is something that God gave me a little later in life, through worship dance (using dance as a way to worship God, our Creator), and since then, my interest in sign language has sky rocketed as well. But please don’t ask me to bust out any dance moves, because I am currently kinda terrible at any dancing other than worship!
Above all this, though, music though, has been the biggest form of art in my life, starting when I was younger, in learning Doe-Ray-Me on the piano, courtesy to my sister (who teaches piano now). From there, in a mixture of Emily, teaching myself, and my amazing music teacher and mentor Kacey, I have grown in so many ways, from learning piano, reading music, songwriting, and voice, etc. In 2018, I even got to co-write and record a song with the band Consumed By Fire, in Tennessee.

Before I finish, I want to thank you all for loving and supporting me. I want to specifically thank the adults and other people who have been there for me in different times of my life, and helped me grow in the areas of my relationship with God, theology, passion, politics, life, etc.. Y'all are a blessing.

That's not all, but I won't be writing my WHOLE life story here. :P XD 
Have a great day.

(I wrote almost all of this before this semester.)

Goodbye, season!
Everything in life has seasons, except for Jesus, who remains constant.
So, goodbye High School season of my life!
It would be really cool if I could help with High Schoolers someday, though. <3 p="">-Amy

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Toys I Remember // Just for Fun

Hey! So, I didn't necessarily own all these, but these are some toys I remember/look familiar from back in our day. :P I sound kinda old when I say that, but o well. Age is not a bad thing. Thumbs up.
All my pictures are from Google, so they are definitely not mine.

Image result for early 2000s awesome toys

Image result for early 2000s awesome toys

Image result for early 2000s awesome toys

Image result for early 2000s awesome toys

Image result for early 2000s awesome toys

Image result for toys of the early 2000s

Image result for toys of the early 2000s

Image result for toys of the early 2000s
These were creepy.
Image result for toys of the early 2000s
Related image

Image result for toys of the early 2000s

Image result for toys of the early 2000s

Related image

Image result for sour patch kids doll

Image result for littlest pet shop

Image result for early 2000s awesome toys

Image result for early 2000s awesome toys

Image result for early 2000s awesome toys

Image result for early 2000s awesome toys
only not the raibow(?)

Image result for early 2000s awesome toys

Image result for early 2000s awesome toys

Image result for early 2000s awesome toys

Image result for early 2000s awesome toys

Image result for early 2000s awesome toys

Image result for early 2000s awesome toys

Image result for early 2000s awesome toys

Image result for early 2000s awesome toys

Image result for early 2000s awesome toys

Image result for early 2000s awesome toys for adults

Image result for splat ball tomato

Image result for simple toys of the early 2000s

Image result for simple toys of the early 2000s
Literally one of my favorites!

Image result for simple toys of the early 2000s

Image result for simple toys of the early 2000s

Image result for simple toys of the early 2000s