Friday, August 23, 2019

Roads and Bridges

My sibling and I took a drive the other day, and I took a lot of pictures. Here are some of them.

Monday, August 19, 2019

This past year

Hey. Go ahead and read this post if you want, because I might not keep it up long term.

I am about to say positive stuff, but also be real, and say some no so positive stuff...however, it's all how you look at it, because God can take all of this brokenness and make something incredible, and therefore I want to be grateful even for my failures.

Before I say this stuff, I want to say this: start doing better, no excuses.
Excuses are not smart, and when you use them, they keep you from doing me, I know from experience.

I am still messed up, but I have a relationship with a God who takes messed up people and makes beautiful stories...He even turns my messes into messages.

If I say any of this wrong, I am sorry...I'm not perfect, but I do want to publish some of this stuff, as personal as it might be.

This last year of, I grew a lot. But man, did I hold back potential.
While seventeen, I changed.
While seventeen, I started becoming an individual, apart from my family, more than ever before (which can feel weird sometimes).
While seventeen, I started drinking coffee.
While seventeen, I changed churches by myself (parent approved).
While seventeen, I started wearing sleeveless shirts. :P
While seventeen, I worked some more consistent odd jobs, which was a newer experience for me.
While seventeen, I didn't blog much.
While seventeen, I had a lot of confidence comparatively to my younger self.
While seventeen I drove by myself more than I ever have.
Let's just say that in my 17th year, I just did more adult things! :P
While seventeen, I went to my first class of college.
While seventeen, I resolved and grew closer in friendships.
While seventeen, I chose to be more mature in some things, but still kept my silly crazy in others.
While seventeen, I didn't have as much confidence as I want to have.
While seventeen, it was hard for me to discern God's voice from the other voices.
While seventeen, God spoke to me about our relationship, and I became aware even more how much I need it.
While seventeen, I moved on from a lot of things, and it was hard.
While seventeen, I made moves towards my future.
While seventeen, I started making message videos.
While seventeen, I worked at a thrift store.
While seventeen, I got a phone.
While seventeen, I learned more about music, and started on a worship band.
While seventeen, I got Instagram.
While seventeen, I actually did some photo shoots.
While seventeen, I learned more about gift giving, and established some thoughts.
While seventeen, God gave me a support system, godly peers, and more than I ever could have imagined, even though it's not cookie cutter like I planned.
While seventeen, God gave me my sister's old car and kept it going for me.
While seventeen, I worked Christmas Eve, and didn't mind all that much.
While seventeen, I watched my sibling go through a relationship that ended months later.
While seventeen, I grew.
While seventeen, I hurt, and cried.
While seventeen, I laughed, and felt more loved than I have in a while.
While seventeen, I've seen the faithfulness of my friend D, and it is enough that I could probably cry.
While seventeen, I moved.
While seventeen, through my youth group, etc., I was allowed to be my age, and it felt really good, though weird at other times.
While seventeen, I was allowed to be an adult in some aspects.
While seventeen, I went to a new state—COLORADO, which has been on my bucket list for at least 4 or 5 years.
While seventeen, I went to Worlds of Fun (I haven't gone to a big amusement park since I was 6.)
While seventeen, one of my best friends got a boyfriend.
While seventeen, one of my closest friends, also entered a relationship.
While seventeen, I worried about the future.
While seventeen, I backed down from many challenges.
While seventeen, I started becoming who I wanted to be, but quite, made excuses, etc.
While seventeen, I felt overwhelmed.
While seventeen, I felt peace.
While seventeen, my favorite Bible verse was Joshua 1:9.
While seventeen, I learned more about the Bible.
While seventeen, I contradicted myself a lot.
While seventeen, I had many mixed emotions.
While seventeen, I had pain. 
While seventeen, I had fear.
While seventeen, I felt alone.
While seventeen, though, I knew God was with me.
While seventeen, I learned that there is freedom in obedience.
While seventeen I learned that God needs to be the POINT of your life, not just a PART of your life.
While seventeen, I cried for people.
While seventeen, I heard stories that inspired me to make a difference.
While seventeen, I met a man from Nairobi, Kenya, who further inspired me to help the people of the Kenyan slums.
While seventeen, I felt how small I was.
But while seventeen, I knew God could use me.
While seventeen, I knew that even if I only brought one person to Jesus in my whole life, it would be worth it—but if I let God use me, and obey Him, He can do more than that.
While seventeen, it was really hard to surrender to God.
While seventeen, I was tired, and needed rest...and began learning that I can find rest in Jesus.

I COULD GO ON! Seventeen was a good year. Seventeen was hard. I grew, and succeeded while seventeen. I also failed while seventeen. I fell many times, and while I got up sometimes, I didn't always...but guess what!
I am a child of God, and seventeen is NOT the end of my story.
By faith, Eighteen will be better, and I will succeed more, though I know will fail and fall a lot, too.

Some of my top goals for eighteen are:
  • Stop giving up. Keep going, even when it gets hard.
  • Be more confident in who God made me, and just in general.
  • Refuse to compare.
  • Refuse to worry about my future.
  • Surrender to God, and obey Him.
  • Write on my WWII story, unless something changes.
  • Be wise.
  • Be pure for my future husband and start praying for Him...and not just for us, but for GOD.
  • Blog more, but I am not sure.
  • Make more message videos.
  • Write letters to people more.
  • Say no to fear.
  • Sing without shame, fear, and embarrassment.
  • Be better at what I do.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

What is your purpose? To know God and make Him known.

Please watch the video above before going on.
Also, I will freely admit this is something I need to work on myself. ;) Lately, I've been going through a lot with thinking of the future. But, even though it's fine to make plans for different things, and figure out some stuff, we need to keep our goal and priorities right, and make sure we are on track with God. He is the leader, we are the follower...even if that means leaving our plans.What is your purpose?  To know God and make Him known.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Please read this post.

I am not sure what the future holds, including for this blog. I just want to let you guys know that, no matter what I've said in the past. I am not necessarily holding to those ideas from before this post anymore.
Blogging has not been on the forefront of my mind, etc., and to be honest, it's hard for me to blog right now.
But to everything there is a season.
Trust God, surrender to Him, and walk in His freedom, my beloved friend, and I hope, fellow child of God, and Christ follower.
Have a blessed day!

p.s. I finally finished copying the Psalm 119 thing, but never fully did the challenge.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Compost Pile Update

Hey! So, I am taking a break on my compost pile until the end of the garden season because I ended up using my compost (though I would have liked to not) for gardening things. I recently found out that I can get soil for free at the recycling center, though, so I will hopefully do that in the future when I need extra. So, when I am done with that stuff, then I will put it all back in a pile hopefully, and resume. :P
Have a great day, and God bless!

June 2019 Summary

So, this last month my life changed in more than one way, from moving, moving churches, enrolling, etc. I had some firsts, including making pasta on my own, tie-dying a shirt, and making batches of cold chai tea lattes. I had friend moments including the Bible study, meeting a new friend, several days with a friend who lives a ways away, reconnecting with an old one, and a sleepover with a close one. Can you tell that I am a big people person? :P I don't know if it was this month, but I decided on getting my BSN degree and becoming a nurse, etc. unless God changes something.
Started harvesting vegetables (though not much yet). I've read more than I have in a long while (currently reading "They Called Her Mrs. Doc" by Janette Oke). And, as a final thought, I have been biking and walking more (though haven't done it much lately—though more walking than biking).
I want to post some pictures, but I am not on our normal computer, etc., so I may or may not post later.

Life Post // Chicken Update

Hey guys!
Well, I got rid of my chickens. When we moved, since we were moving into city limits, there were going to be a lot of specific things you have to do, and you could only have so many, etc. So, since it would be more expensive for me to keep them, among other things, including space, I decided the best thing to do for me would be to get rid of them. If I was younger, and wasn't so close to college, than I might have tried to make it work; but to everything there is a season, and I am pretty sure my season for chickens will come back around unless God changes something. :P
Even though I didn't have them for long, and miss them sometimes, I am glad I don't have them right now. It's funny, I think God knew I needed them for that short time to help fulfill something for me.
You might think I am thinking about this too much, but I believe that God can use every situation to teach us something, etc.
Anyway, more posts later! God bless you & yours.
God can use everything, even chickens! He cares about what we care about, we just need to open our eyes to how He is working around us and is here for us.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

The Psalm 119 Challenge (continuous)

Hello Reader!
I started copying down Psalm 119, and I want to invite you as well, in a challenge way.
What is the challenge about? Well, it's extremely simple, with only 4 steps.
I will also participate, but since I have already started, I will just re-read what I have copied and go from there.
By the way, this is doesn't have a deadline. It just applies to a week from today (when you read this) or whenever you start.

How to participate:

  1. Take one week, or less, and copy down by hand Psalm 119 in your journal, or wherever. Just make sure you hand write it.
  2. Before you start, I recommend you pray, though not required, and just ask the Lord to reveal what He wants to through this passage, and to help you understand what you are reading and copying.
  3. Write 3 sentences to a paragraph by hand in the same journal or wherever you are doing it, after you are done with the first step (copying); this is to be about what you read, what you learned, or anything really about it or the effects, etc.
  4. Type your sentence(s), paragraph below in the comments, or write a new version or something for it, if you want to keep your first one private. If you do write another one, hand write that one beside the other before you type it here. :)

This is going to be awesome!
Yet again, even though I will be doing it this week, this challenge is always open to you, and anyone else. And this is all only if you want to.

Have a wonderful day! Hope to hear from you in a week or less! Also, if you want me to not publicly publish your comment, please include that in your comment, otherwise it will be.

I hope this helps strengthen us, and build us up. God is amazing and works incredibly!

This Is A New Day

Hey, Reader!
This is a new day for me, and a lot has been changing. God is showing Himself awesome to us both everyday, and I am very glad about that. Sometimes, even when we don't feel near Him, and even when we seem to mess up all the time, He does things that just echo, "I'm still right here, I am still working, I still love you".
So, I have changed location, churches, etc., and have made other decisions etc. So lots of things have been changing, but God has given me peace about a lot of it, and is leading me in His awesome steps day by day, even if I don't always follow Him, which to be honest, happens a lot more than I would like.
I am here to talk about something else today, as well, and that is a challenge! I will be posting a challenge after I post this post, because I want to keep what I say here separate from the post. I hope you join!